Paul Gallagher Horsemanship Clinic


A Massive thank you to Paul Gallagher who held a Horsemanship clinic this weekend. It was a great turnout and we recapped all the basics. Covering so much in terms of how your body language can influence the horse in so many ways. Those of you who attended the clinic may remember some of this phrases.





Don’t forget the 3 N’s when categorizing your horse.














Remember the horse is looking for

Confidence in the environment,

Confidence in the handler,

Confidence in the task.







Here are a few examples of what people interpret horsemanship to be to them and why they don’t use it. These are from people with typical problems they encounter on a day to day basis.




“I have a Lack of confidence in the round pen so I don’t use it”


“I’m not confident doing the groundwork so I just ride and try and resolve all the problems from the saddle, hoping not to get hurt along the way”


“Horsemanship to me is just being around my horse and having fun”










“Remember to Stay safe, always see two eyes and not two heals!”


“The higher the head the more adrenaline!”