Martletts Club Day

Martletts Club Day

Saturday 23rd January

Susie ran a training session for a group of 9 riders and owners using a fabulous selection of horses at Bodiam International Arena.

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These training days are a great opportunity for people that Susie and her team teach to ride in a large arena. Everyone benefits from these sessions from those new to Western through to the experienced from gaining confidence and sharing a session together to learning more about each horse. Her plan for the day was to look at horsemanship and ranch pleasure how the rider manages the horse and patterns for both those classes .

Susie demonstrated a couple of horsemanship then ranch patterns on …. Dottie.. On whom Susie has partnered to win 3 AQHA all-around titles . . Dottie is one of her star performers.

After a general warm up to settle both horses and riders down ready for a lesson, Susie introduced the day.

Talking through the pattern Susie broke each section down explaining the use of the large arena available and the best way to use this space. She noted the tricky parts to each pattern giving clues as to the best way to negotiate these and to avoid penalty points.
Everyone then had an opportunity to ride the patterns.

She pointed out lots of tips for each individual to think about both in riding style, seat, posture and the best way to indicate cues to each individual horse – all done in her very informal, ‘no pressure’ and encouraging manner.

At the end of the session there was a free riding time and all worked on their own particular interest be it pleasure, trail or horsemanship.
All who attended really enjoyed the group riding and took away some valuable learnings.

It’s all calm and a fantastic learning environment. The best part is to watch the trainer demonstrate the patterns.. You learn far more watching a skilled professional than be shouted at from the ground! not that Susie ever shouts

These sessions allow each individual to have a go in a non competitive or judgemental environment and we all want to know when the next session will be.

Thanks Susie!